Roles and Responsibilities in Teaching Jobs

The responsibilities and roles that govern teaching jobs at various employment levels are set in place to ensure that protocols within a learning institution are followed to the latter. These roles and responsibilities in teaching jobs must also be in accordance to the Child Safe Standards-Managing the Risk of Child Abuse in Schools. Below are some of the roles in protocol from the highest level to the lowest level of employment within a learning institution.


The major roles of the school principal are to; manage and lead school plans, improvement and evaluation of students’ education in a community through strategic deployment of resources and finally the key role is to increase teaching knowledge base in student’s quality education. In addition, being the executive officer of the school council a principal must ensure that appropriate and adequate advice is given to the council on educational and other issues.

Leading Teachers

Leading teachers have a responsibility of ensuring that certain school priorities are withheld and some of their position responsibilities are: managing and leading the execution of the whole school improvement programs related to the school’s strategic plans, providing a child safe environment in relation to the known standards, teaching demonstration lessons, managing and leading staff development and performance and finally contributing to the overall management and leadership of the school apart from their normal role which is to instill educational knowledge in students.

Classroom Teachers

There are two ranges of classroom teachers namely range 1 and 2. Their primary focus of these classroom teachers is on preparation, planning and teaching of programs to gain certain student outcomes. Their main responsibilities are having the content pedagogical practice and knowledge in order to meet the students’ diverse needs, in accordance with the child safe standards provide a child safe environment, supervising and training student teachers, and finally in lead developments in the curriculum programs and policies.